Testimonials – Swimming Lessons

We have so many wonderful things to say about Bebe. To start, she is a genuinely nice person who is truly passionate about her work. Perhaps just as importantly, she is exceptionally skilled, possessing just the right balance/approach to teaching, which we believe should be through positive reinforcement and encouragement. Since signing up for her classes, our 4-year old son’s skills have improved exponentially and we couldn’t be happier with his ongoing progress. We could say so many other great things about Bebe but all in all, we feel very fortunate to have found the very best swim instructor in all of L.A.

Ellie, Beverly Hills

Bebe’s positive approach was great. It had the right balance of challenge and fun. She was able to empower and inspire my child and create an atmosphere where he excelled. Bebe exceeded our expectations in that she was technically skilled, extremely experienced and yet able to relate well to my son. While he could swim, he was weak in the more difficult strokes and within one summer he became proficient in the hardest stroke, butterfly stroke. Ryan looked forward to each and every lesson and was eager to show off his new skills to us. Hall Swim Academy combines the best of each important area of learning how to swim: professionalism, experience, ability to relate to children, a positive approach and patience.

Cyndi, Bel Air

My husband and I can’t say enough positive things about working with Julie from Hall Swim Academy! Our son started working with Julie when he was 18 months old, and he went from being incredibly fearful of the water and barely being able to dip his toes in, to absolutely loving his lessons and he jumps right into the water, even dunking his head! We wanted our son to love the water and didn’t want to force him or push him too quickly, and Julie was completely on board. She followed Jack’s cues and taught him at a gentle pace so that he developed a positive association with swimming. We look forward to our weekly lessons!

Lian, Hancock Park, Los Angeles

My 8 year old son had the most positive swim experience with Bebe Hall. After three years of lessons with different teachers and swim programs, finding Hall Swim Academy was a gift. This was the first time my son wanted to go to his lessons and the first time he learned all four strokes and was able to swim a 100 IM. We were so thrilled with his progress and more importantly, his new found love for swimming. Bebe was so patient, encouraging and compassionate. She not only knows how to teach the fundamentals of swimming, but makes it an enjoyable experience. I have already recommended the Hall Swim Academy to friends. Thank you for giving my son the confidence he needed in the water and a love for the sport.

Amy, Maggie Gilbert Aquatic Center, Pacific Palisades

Bebe is as an amazing swim instructor!  She taught all 3 of my children aged 7, 5 and 2 this summer. I was so pleased and impressed with each child’s improvement! My children loved Bebe and she was always smiling and patient with them. She arrived on time and I will continue using her throughout the year. I also asked if she could assist us as a lifeguard during a party this summer and this allowed me to enjoy the party instead of worrying over the young children. Thank you, Bebe!

Kind regards,
Kristy, Beverly Hills

Bebe is by far the best swim instructor we have come across in Los Angeles.  We had tried several top rated instructors for our kids and especially our son who didn’t know how to swim.  Bebe was a complete professional.  She was patient, caring and made it super fun for my son and because of her he now loves the water.  She is also a great coach for experienced swimmers like our daughter who has picked up great tips and improved in all areas.  I highly recommend Bebe!

Gagik, Encino

Hall Swim Academy is amazing!! Over the past 4 years, my son and now daughter have been taking swim lessons.  It was a frustrating experience.  After spending a lot of money on private or semi-private lessons, my kids had not learned much.  They didn’t even put their faces in the water.  Most importantly though, they weren’t water safe.Things changed monumentally this past summer.  After going through numerous swim schools (including one earlier this summer), we called Bebe at Hall Swim Academy. Needless to say, we finally found what we were looking for!Our kids’ swim teacher, Coach Julie, is INCREDIBLE!  She has an amazing rapport with my kids and the MAGIC TOUCH when it comes to teaching.  My five year old can now swim the length of the pool with FOUR different strokes.  He floats with ease, treads water for four minutes and jumps in the deep end with expressions of glee.  His CONFIDENCE brings joy like nothing else.  He looks forward to swimming, where only months ago, he exhibited anxiety at the mention of the word, pool.My three year old daughter (just turned three last week) can swim the width of the pool and also exhibits incredible confidence.  She cried incessantly during swim lessons before she met Coach Julie. Now, like my son, she can’t wait to swim with Coach Julie.  In fact, she fights with her brother to go first!If you want your kids to be safe and learn how to swim, you really need to call Hall Swim Academy.

Ross, San Fernando Valley

After trying a myriad of swim lessons and programs for our 5-year-old daughter in South Florida, we heard about Bebe Hall through a friend. We booked a two week trip and had our daughter in to see her every day during our vacation. The swim lessons with Bebe were the highlight of our stay, and the reason we will be returning at least once or twice every year from now on. She is fun, personable, and INSIGHTFUL about our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly to us, we saw huge improvements in a short amount of time for a little girl who was already a strong swimmer. By the end, my husband had a few sessions with Bebe to work on his stroke. We can’t say enough positive things about Bebe and her program. Trust me, we tried it ALL! Whatever she does, it’s magic, and it works. She could get a rock to swim. Don’t waste your time or money on other places, just go with her.

Maria, Santa Monica

We came across Hall Swim Academy by a happy accident. We received a flyer in the mail and decided to give it a try. Best decision I’ve made, teacher Julie is amazing! So kind and patient and has already in one month taught my toddler how to blow bubbles underwater, kick and be okay being submerged underwater. She takes her time to connect with the child and each lesson my daughter makes more progress. I recommend them to anyone who has a pool at home and wants their children to know pool safety.

Dadli, Los Angeles

Bebe is an incredible swim instructor. She has taught my son (8) and daughter (5) for the past two years and their swimming has improved tremendously.  Bebe is patient, professional and the kids look forward to the lessons with her.  The kids pay attention to her and have learned the fundamentals of their strokes and even talk about joining a swim team.  We’re so grateful that Bebe was their teacher and can’t wait to swim again with her next summer.

Tracy, Encino

I thought my younger daughter would learn to swim because her older sister swims, however, that did not affect her abilities.  In fact, my younger daughter would hold on so tight to either my wife or me, that we could not have her take the necessary steps to allow her to learn to swim. I called Hall Swim Academy and Bebe was so great from the get go… she explained the first lesson would be a mostly about my daughter getting to know her instructor and that within a few classes, they’d asses her progress. Well, the instructor, named Princess, instantly bonded with my daughter and my daughter learned more in 30 minutes than she had in all her time with my wife and me.  They know what they’re doing it, and they are so caring and informed…. my daughter is only 2 classes in, but she’s almost swimming on her own! I cannot recommend them enough.

Gerard, Los Angeles

I have 2 girls that have been with The Hall Academy for going on 3 years. The instructors are excellent. They are caring but more importantly they have taught the girls to swim very well. One of my girls is on a swim team. She loves this sport due to the instruction she has received. She is always excited to practice with Bebe. They are the perfect amount of fun and serious. I highly recommend this school.

Tina, Bel Air

Love Hall Swim Academy, Bebe is fantastic! My daughter was terrified of swimming and Bebe was very patient and helped her overcome her fears and learn how to swim. Would absolutely recommend!

Chelsey, Los Angeles

I was looking for  a serious but fun swim instructor for my daughter, and a friend recommended Bebe at Hall Swim Academy. It was the best recommendation. I had tried other swim instructors and didn’t seeing much improvement, but after a year with Bebe, my daughter has gone from a dog paddle to being one of the top swimmers on a swim team. Bebe taught her to come up for air with a side breathe, to streamline, and use strong efficient strokes. Equally important, my daughter looks forward to every swim lesson and being with Bebe. I am now completely confident to let my daughter swim in a pool or go out in the ocean, knowing that she will be safe. I highly recommend!

Debbie, West Los Angeles

Absolutely amazing!!! I have a girl and boy and we’ve tried three other swim instructors before Bebe.  I can say by far Bebe has been amazing as far as teaching the kids swimming techniques and working at their own level.  We worked with her last summer and have scheduled her for this summer as well.  I highly recommend her!

Raha, Bel Air