Parent / Child


1.) Visit one of our locations for private Parent/Child classes: Mar Vista, Playa Vista, Beverly Hills or North Hollywood. If you would like to schedule a group of 2 or more swimmers, please call (305) 469-5500.

  • Price – $82 per 30-minute lesson, plus $20 for each additional swimmer
  • Perpetual enrollment is required; you must give 2 weeks notice to cancel enrollment

2.) Our instructors will visit the location of your choice.

*For group classes conducted at the location of your choice, call (305) 469-5500 to customize the dates and times that work best for you.

  • Price – $168 per child per session (4 classes); Minimum 4 swimmers per class
  • If there are less than 4 swimmers in the class, the price is $82 per 30-minute lesson, plus $20 for each additional swimmer


  • No prior swim lesson or aquatic experience required
  • Gentle introduction to an aquatic environment through songs, shower cups, toys, noodles, and constant movement through the water
  • Basic swim and safety skills taught
  • Great bonding experience for the parent and child
  • 25-minute classes
  • Ages 4 – 35 months
  • Maximum 4-6 swimmers per class (depending on the location)