Bebe Hall (Owner)

Bebe moved back to California in 2011 and founded Hall Swim Academy in 2014. She also resumed her career as a middle school teacher and continued teaching until 2016 when she turned all her attention to Hall Swim Academy. She has 11 years experience teaching in the classroom and 30 years experience teaching in the pool. Bebe enjoys working with swimmers of all ages, from 2 months old to 82 years old. Her kind and patient approach makes any swimmer feel comfortable in the water.

Lauren (Administrative Assistant)

Lauren grew up in the San Fernando Valley and was a competitive swimmer throughout high school. She received her Bachelors degree from UC Santa Barbara, where she worked as both a lifeguard and a surf camp counselor. Lauren also has experience volunteering as a swim instructor for first-generation American children to promote water safety. After college, she worked as a surf therapist for adolescents in local treatment centers. She joined the Hall Swim Academy team in July of 2021 and serves as the head of our accounting department. Lauren is very excited to work with us; she enjoys sharing her passion for the water and believes swimming can serve as both a therapeutic and fitness modality.

Meet Our Instructors


Burcin’s passion for water sports dates back to her childhood. During her school years, she participated in many national and international competitions as a professional swimmer for seven years. She turned this experience into a teaching field by working as a swimming coaching assistant in swimming schools and colleges. She received a 1-level coaching certificate from the Turkish Swimming Federation to train professional swimmers. To understand human anatomy more closely and improve her experience as a trainer in the field of sports, she obtained Pilates instructor certificates. With this formation, she gave fitness group classes in the water for two years in Turkey with her instructor certificate named FloatFit.

Her passion for water sports continues. She participated in competitions as a professional rower in Turkey, and as a hobby, she is a beginner sailor and kitesurfer.


Thea grew up in Santa Monica, California, and she began swimming competitively at age seven. Growing up, Thea spent most of her time in the pool or the ocean and competed in pool and open water competitions with her club swim team. She won CIF as a freshman, balanced club and high school swimming all four years, and was named team captain as a senior. Thea is a rising sophomore and student-athlete at Columbia University studying political science and art history. She has worked as a beach camp counselor, focusing on water activities, including swimming, surfing, and paddle boarding. She has experience working with children of all ages and backgrounds, and she greatly enjoys helping others find a love for the water as well as learning the value of water safety.


Amelia is from Los Angeles, California, and she has been swimming competitively since she was nine years old. A huge fan of the sport, Amelia has competed for both her club team, TSM Aquatics, and her high school, where she was notably a CIF champion in the 500 free. She will continue her swimming journey at a Division 1 level at Brown University this fall. Amelia is passionate about promoting water safety, teaching people of all ages, and above all, sharing her love for the water.


Paige grew up in Boca Raton, Florida and began swimming at the age of 5 and competing at the age of 8. In high school, she was team captain and held 2 records for all four years of attending the school. She is currently a sophomore at UCLA and specializes in the individual medley. Paige made the “A” Final of the 400 IM in the first wave of the 2021 Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska, ultimately finishing fourth. She is also a 2 x NCAA qualifier and Second Team All-American while holding a UCLA school record.  Paige has been teaching swim lessons since the age of 16 in Florida, and she loves to teach young swimmers everything there is to know about swimming! Learning to swim at such a young age has inspired her to want and teach younger kids as she thinks it’s a great skill. She wants to motivate other swimmers to have fun and feel confident in the water.


Mari is from the Bay Area and moved to Los Angeles for college. She received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies-Teaching. She lived in Japan for 6 years and taught English to children and adults, and she loved it! As a teacher, Mari ensures her students are comfortable while incorporating elements of fun. Mari took swimming lessons as a child and really enjoyed the experience. She wants her students to have the same positive swimming experience as she did. She continues to swim actively with family and friends on a regular basis. During her free time, she enjoys watching TV, listening to music, going to the beach and traveling. Mari looks forward to meeting you!


Shoghig was born and raised in Syria, Aleppo. She then moved to Armenia. She is a passionate swimming coach with 5 years of experience. Shoghig graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology, and has an International Training Certificate from Germany. All of these achievements have helped shape her coaching style. With 12 years of personal experience as a swimmer, Shoghig has a deep understanding of the sport and the dedication it takes to succeed. Through her coaching, Shoghig strives to instill this same level of commitment and passion in her students.


Rachael grew up in Los Angeles, California and began her competitive swimming journey at the age of eight. She represented the West Hollywood Gators in her early years and later swam and played water polo for Beverly Hills High School. She continues to use swimming as her primary form of exercise and enjoys participating in various open-water swim races offered throughout the year. During her academic pursuits at UCLA and LMU, Rachael worked in childcare. This experience helped her realize her passion for teaching. She firmly believes that swimming is an essential skill for both youngsters and adults, and she looks forward to offering lessons to the Hall Swim Academy community.


Michelle is a Los Angeles native and a natural fish to water. She has 10+ years of competitive swimming experience and 16 years of swim instructor experience. She is passionate about supporting the growth of her clients and believes that there is no greater joy than sharing her love for swimming. She has experience in working with those of all ages and loves to find creative ways to meet people where they are at in their swim level journey. She loves teaching young children how to blow their first bubbles, adults how to become comfortable and capable swimmers, and working with competitive swimmers to improve their stroke technique. Her positivity and patience are fundamentals of her teaching.


Erin swam competitively for seven years before attending Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, where she played on the women’s lacrosse team and studied Political Science. She has been working with young swimmers since she was 17, and she has experience teaching both private and group infant, child, and adult lessons. Erin currently works at the intersection of the entertainment and non-profit sectors helping talent connect to important causes they care about. When Erin is not teaching swimming lessons or working with talent, you can find her surfing, hiking, and OF COURSE swimming in the ocean.


Anna grew up in Denver, Colorado and moved to LA to get her AA in Guitar Performance in 2014. She started swimming at 2 years old and continued to swim competitively through high school. She is Red Cross Certified WSI and taught at SwimRight swim school while in college. She has years of experience teaching swimmers of all ages, from infants to adults. Her favorite part about teaching is witnessing the moment when “it clicks” for someone. She loves inspiring others to accomplish their long time dreams and goals in the water. When she’s not touring or recording music, she’s happiest in the pool!


Mikayla is a recent UCLA graduate with a passion for travel, volleyball, and trying new cafes. She began swimming at the age of three and has stayed close to the water ever since. Every summer growing up, she participated in her local junior lifeguards program, honing her aquatic abilities, safety skills, and leadership. Mikayla played competitive volleyball for five years and, after high school, coached recreational teams. With over 7 years of babysitting experience, she loves being around children and learning about childhood development. Mikayla is advanced in speaking Spanish and can’t wait to help children be confident in and around the pool!


Priscilla grew up in the LA/OC area and started her swim coaching experience and training at Aqua Tots Swim School. She eventually moved over to the Mission Viejo Nadadores Swim School. She has about 2 years of swim coaching experience, and she spent much of her time at the Nadadores training her young students to prepare for competitive swim teams. She has experience teaching infants to adult lessons. She also has over 6 years of nannying experience as well as a history of traveling across the world with non profit organizations to help underprivileged kids in schools and communities in undeveloped countries. She loves creating a safe and fun environment for kids to learn. She looks forward to offering lessons to the Swim Hall Academy community!


Elena grew up in Tallahassee, FL and went to college in Orlando, FL where she received a degree in Theatre and Creative Writing from UCF. She has been swimming all her life and began swimming competitively at age 10. She is so excited to share her passion for swimming with her students and teach such an important, life saving skill. Elena currently teaches music lessons at Cheviot Hills Recreational Facility, and she loves to help students of all ages find fun in new skills. Some of her favorite hobbies include surfing, guitar, and game nights with her friends.


Brandon attended the University of Virginia ’21 and earned degrees in Education and Drama. He has been teaching swim lessons for the past 6 years to swimmers of all ages – from children to adults. He has also worked as a public school teacher and private tutor in math, science, English, public speaking, and performance. Brandon loves teaching swim lessons because he knows how important it is for everyone to feel safe and have fun in the water. It is his favorite place to be!


Otto is from Dallas, Texas and moved to West Hollywood in 2021. He began taking swimming lessons when he was a toddler. He remained in classes all the way up to competition level but never swam competitively. He played many sports throughout school: track, basketball, football, and competed at state levels while also staying close to the water. Living in the heat of Texas meant daily trips to the beach, pool, and waterparks were essential. During high school, Otto became a lifeguard at Texas’ largest indoor waterpark. He then became a deep water lifeguard and surfing instructor, instructing people of ALL ages. He has certified other lifeguards and has taught countless lessons in the form of CPR/AED. Working in a busy waterpark provided Otto with plenty of experience with children across many different activities. His quick thinking, reactiveness, and problem solving are also attributed to his time at the park. His passion for swimming has followed him all the way to Los Angeles, and he’s hoping to help all swimmers he works with improve their abilities in the pool.


Karina grew up in the Bay Area where she began swimming competitively at age 6. She continued to swim competitively throughout middle school and high school. During high school, she was a swim instructor and taught swim lessons for all ages and skill levels. Freshman year of high school she began playing club water polo and started for the varsity team sophomore year. That year she began coaching Special Olympics Swimming and continued that through high school. Karina is now a 3rd year at UCLA majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Entrepreneurship. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, reading, and spending time with friends. She is so excited to share her passion for swimming and help swimmers improve their abilities in the pool while having fun!


Sean is a bilingual instructor, speaking both English and Spanish.  Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Sean started swimming competitively at the age of 9 and joined his local water polo club at age 12. He went on to becoming a 2 x Water Polo Junior Olympian and competed in both sports in varsity throughout all 4 years of high school. Sean has been working with Hall Swim Academy for the past 2 years, and his clients love him! He hopes to create a safe and fun environment for new and returning swimmers to ensure proficiency in the pool. In his free time, he enjoys playing various sports, writing music, acting, and spending time with friends.


Steve was born and raised on the suburban outskirts of Detroit. He started swimming at the age of 6 at summer clubs and quickly transitioned to USS swimming by the time he turned 8. He continued swimming throughout his high school years and at Kalamazoo College where he earned 14 all-American awards. Steve spent his summers lifeguarding, coaching, and teaching swim lessons. Since then, he has maintained his passion for the sport of swimming. He currently lives in Carlsbad with his lovely wife and 2 daughters (5 & 8). Lastly, “Scuba Steve” is extremely fluent in Paw Patrol. He looks forward to seeing you in the pool!


Maleki grew up in Iran and began to swim at 12 years old. She  learned synchronized swimming at 22 years old and has been swimming competitively (and for fun) ever since. She began teaching swim lessons many years ago and is grateful to have the chance to share her love for swimming with people of all ages. She especially loves the positive energy she feels while in the water with her swimmers. She went to college in Turkey, where she received a PhD degree in Pharmacology from AU. She also took a part in a movie that won the U.S. dramatic competition award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2023. Aside from swimming, Maleki enjoys sculpting, hiking, painting and singing.


McKenna  grew up in Dana Point, California. As a child, she did many activities related to swimming, including junior lifeguard and surf camps. She also was a part of a swim team where she was able to implement what she learned when she was swimming in the ocean. McKenna played volleyball in high school and at the collegiate level in North Carolina. She graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science. She then became a Functional Nutrition Practitioner with an emphasis on preventative care. McKenna has also been a surf instructor for children and adults for the past 3 years. Her love for water sports has transpired into a passion for helping children learn to be confident athletes in and out of the water.


Rachel was born and raised in San Diego. Growing up in and around the water, every member of her family was a lifeguard and swimmer. Teaching swim lessons is very easy for Rachel because she has been in the water swimming for so long. Rachel also works as a nanny for a family who she loves and cherishes her time with the children. She looks forward to working with you in the pool!


Tracey grew up in Oklahoma. She attended Tulsa Community College and received a degree in liberal arts before continuing to the University of Alabama to pursue a career in fitness and nutrition. Tracey has loved the water since she was just a baby bouncing in a chair at the lake and spent the summers camping and swimming with her family. Tracey is currently a nanny and has been with the family for over 6 years. She has worked for several families over the past 10 years. She values being able to be a good role model for all children she works with by modeling patience, kindness, and showing that if you work hard, you can reach any goal you set for yourself. Besides water activities, some of her favorite hobbies include traveling, hiking, photography, and watching hockey!