Adult Swimmers

Swim School

Swimming is a lifelong sport. The benefits are not limited to a healthy body, but they expand to the whole person. Swimming is a great way to enjoy fitness and improve yourself. However, it is important to have proper technique in order to prevent injury. It is also crucial to include the various disciplines of training so you may become a faster, more efficient swimmer.

Hall Swim Academy specializes in teaching swimmers of all ages and abilities. We work with adult swimmers from learn-to-swim to advanced swimmers training for competition.

If you are a novice swimmer, we will teach you how to float on your back so you can roll onto your back to breathe in any stressful situation. We will then move onto the front crawl with an emphasis on side breathing, kick, and pull.

If you are an experienced swimmer, we will focus on breathing, head and body position, kick, pull, and rotation (all with the most efficient techniques). We then practice starts, flip turns, and the best strategies used to prepare for competition.

We look forward to working with you in the pool!