Learn to Swim

Beginner swimmers will learn:


  • Monkey walk along the wall
  • Comfort in and under the water
  • Gliding
  • Backfloat
  • Rolling over
  • Jump in and return to wall
  • Jump in, rollover and float
  • Retrieve object from step
  • Exit pool independently


Intermediate swimmers will learn:

  • Streamline glide with kicks
  • Balance with kickboard
  • Beginner freestyle arms (scoops)
  • Swim-Rollover-Float-Swim
  • Elevator to backfloat
  • Beginner backstroke arms
  • Retrieve object from bottom


Advanced swimmers will learn:

  • Streamline off wall with kick
  • Kicking with kickboard
  • Rhythmic scoops with rollover breaths
  • Beginner freestyle
  • Beginner backstroke
  • Beginner butterfly
  • Beginner breaststroke


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