Improve Technique

Small group classes are conducted at the Maggie Gilbert Aquatic Center in Pacific Palisades. Our instructors can also visit the location of your choice. Call (305) 469-5500 to schedule private swim lessons at your location.

For classes conducted at the Maggie Gilbert Aquatic Center, choose a session:

Dolphins (Developmental Class) – Focus will be on stroke development and technique, flip turns, starts, circle swimming, and mental training.

Mondays @ 5:30-6 pm     SESSION I (5/21 through 6/11),  SESSION II (6/18 through 7/9),  SESSION III (7/16 through 8/6)

Wednesdays @ 5:30-6 pm     SESSION I (5/23 through 6/13),  SESSION II (6/20 through 7/11),  SESSION III (7/18 through 8/8)

Fridays @ 5:30-6 pm     SESSION I (5/25 through 6/15),  SESSION II (6/22 through 7/13),  SESSION III (7/20 through 8/10)

Price – $180 per session (4 classes) – first month is prorated if joining mid-month

You can sign up for one, two, or three days per week.

For classes conducted at your location:

Swimmers will learn:

  • All four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle
  • Starts
  • Turns
  • Circle swimming
  • Breath control
  • Pace work
  • 5 disciplines of training: swimming, strength training, mental training, nutrition and recovery

Price – one-on-one classes are between $62-82 per 30-minute session depending on the instructor – $20 fee for each additional swimmer

Call (305) 469-5500 to register for swim lessons today!