Bebe moved back to California in 2011 and founded Hall Swim Academy in 2014. She also resumed her career as a middle school teacher and continued teaching until 2016 when she turned all her attention to Hall Swim Academy. She has 11 years experience teaching in the classroom and 25 years experience teaching in the pool. Bebe enjoys working with swimmers of all ages, from 2 months old to 82 years old. Her kind and patient approach makes any swimmer feel comfortable in the water.



DuChateauJulie DuChateau taught her first swimming lesson when she was about 7 years old. One of her neighbors did not know how to swim, yet he lived in a Southern California neighborhood full of swimming pools. Julie successfully taught Stevie how to swim, and he began swimming and playing with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood.

“Swimming lessons are emotional for most people, whether they are fearful and apprehensive, or instantly confident and triumphant. I love sharing the progression and success with my students and their parents.”

Julie taught for a number of years at a swim school in Wisconsin, and then began her own swim school in North Carolina. It grew so quickly, she had a waiting list within a couple of years. She was very sad to leave North Carolina, but now she is thrilled to be a part of the Hall Swim Academy family. Julie lives in Eagle Rock with her husband. Her two sons are in college in North Carolina; both boys have spent their summers lifeguarding throughout high school and college.


Leelee grew up in Los Angeles. She has been swimming competitively since the age of 5, winning various awards and attending the Junior Olympics. She attended Culver City High and moved to Crescenta Valley where she graduated. She swam at USC and majored in communications. Having 6 years experience in the pool working with children and adults of all ages, she also has experience working with children with special needs; as she has a younger brother with Down Syndrome who she taught how to swim. Leelee also has a background of personal training and health management/counseling. Her hobbies include painting, gardening, classical music and watching movies.



Julia has a passion for teaching swim lessons to students of all ages. She has 18 years of competitive swim experience and four years of experience teaching swim lessons of all types including water safety, learn-to-swim technique, and stroke refinement. Growing up with an autistic younger brother, Julia practices patience while having fun in the pool. Her positive and enthusiastic approach help make swimming enjoyable. Julia’s favorite moment during a lesson is when it ‘clicks’ and the student finally accomplishes what they’ve been working towards.



Felicia began competitively swimming at the age of 7. She continued to club swim for the next 11 years. She was trained for many years by Vladimir Dolgov, a bronze medalist in the 1980 Olympic Games. Felicia attributes her continued love for swimming and exceptional technique training to him. Her coaching experience includes coaching children 8–10; working for the City of Grandview coaching children from 5–18; and volunteering with the Special Olympic Swim Team. She recently made her life-long dream of moving to LA come true, and began working with Hall Swim Academy. She is currently teaching Parent/Child classes, Sea Turtle classes, and Snapper classes at our Pacific Palisades location.  She looks forward to sharing her passion for the pool with you!



Arleen started swimming at the age of 5, and she fell in love with it. She went on to compete for 12 years. Her love for swimming lead her to gain a passion for teaching. She has over 15 years experience teaching swim lessons for all ages and swim levels. Her degree in Psychology and background as a Behavior Interventionist has given her the insight to break down each skill to its simplest form in fun creative ways allowing her to customize your lessons to meet your pace and comfort. She looks forward to meeting you and is excited to help you and your family reach your swimming goals.




Jacob has grown up in Los Angeles and has been in the water his whole life. He started swimming at a very young age and then went on to join the Los Angeles Junior Lifeguard program at the age of 9. From there he went on to become a water polo player and played for 7 years competing in tournaments such as the Junior Olympics. He also played on his high school team and will start at USC in the fall of 2019. He is a certified lifeguard and enjoys sharing his love for the water with others.



Isabella has loved the water for as long as she remembers. She started taking private lessons and swimming competitively at the age of eight. She continued swimming at an elite level throughout middle school and high school. She competed at the U.S. Nationals, U.S. Junior Nationals, U.S. Olympic Trials, and NCAA Championships. She swam collegiately for the Division I program at UCLA and now wishes to pursue her passion of teaching others to love the water! She has four  years of experience working with children, and also greatly enjoys working with young adults and adults who wish to learn or improve their stroke technique.

“Learning to swim gives children and adults the ability to feel safe and confident in aquatic environments, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing my swimmers have fun throughout the course of their swim lessons!”



Maria is a recent transplant to Los Angeles from central Illinois. She grew up in Peoria and went to school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she graduated with a bachelors degree in Speech Pathology. She moved to LA for greater opportunities and better weather.

Maria started learning how to swim when she was 5 years old, and she swam competitively from 8 to 15 years old. In college, she worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor for all ages, and later worked as an aquatics instructor at a sports fitness camp with the University’s kinesiology department. She is currently babysitting and working towards her SLPa certification in addition to teaching swim lessons.


Water has played an integral role in PJ’s life. She was fortunate enough to have grown up in Florida, swimming in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico beginning at the age of 3. She swam on a club swim team starting in elementary school and continued swimming competitively all the way through high school. PJ has been teaching children for over 15+ years.  She has taught children as young as 4 months old and well into adulthood. She has a very patient, fun-loving style to her teaching that ensures not only that your child will learn how to swim, but they will have a great time doing it!

“I love teaching children. Inspiring them to learn new things and find new passions. My favorite part is seeing the look on a children’s faces when they accomplish something they thought they couldn’t do.”


Scott just finished his fourth year at Yale University where he swam for the varsity swim team and held a team record. He majored in economics and Italian and took part in several extracurricular activities. He’s been swimming since he was 3 years old and swam competitively for most of his life. He swam for swim clubs in France, the Netherlands, California, Florida and at Yale. He’s received medals at the French National Championships, his Florida State Championship, and the US Junior National Championships. In Florida, he trained with 2016 Olympic gold medalists Joseph Schooling and Caleb Dressel. He coached his freshman  year in high school, and at Yale, he worked with underprivileged first and fourth graders. He enjoys being outdoors, whether it be surfing or hiking.

“I’ve experienced many different styles of coaching, good and bad, and that’s helped me develop into a very considerate teacher. I’m good at analyzing technique and communicating how to change certain movements and habits to help my clients become better swimmers. I have a lot of fun helping swimmers of all ages learn how to swim whilst enjoying themselves.”

Cali is a Pisces and has always loved the water! She grew up swimming in pools, and she also spent her days at the beach, swimming in the ocean. She taught swim lessons throughout high school and loves working with children of all ages. Cali has been competitively swimming since the age of 7. She was on the UCLA division 1 swim team for 2 years and continues to swim recreationally. Through her many years of involvement in the swimming world, she has learned to help others, both children and adults alike, learn how to swim. She is currently a student at UCLA studying psychobiology and hopes to becomes a physician’s assistant. She looks forward to working with Hall Swim Academy and helping residents throughout Los Angeles learn how to swim!



Shannon Boord was raised in Atlantic Beach, New York, and swimming always played a big role in her life. She was a competitive swimmer for several years and began working as a lifeguard and swim instructor at the age of 16. She is currently an Aquatic Actor, Synchronized Swimmer, and continues teaching swim lessons.  She has a passion for teaching the importance of water safety to children, as well as adults.





Malia moved to California 8 years ago from the small island of Hilton Head in South Carolina. Malia hails from a long line of swimming legacy: both her grandparents were selected for the 1928 Olympic swimming and diving team. Malia’s mother was a 4X national champion. Malia swam competitively her whole life, eventually swimming Division I in college.  “Malia was swimming before she could walk,” according to her mom. Malia moved to LA to pursue a career in entertainment, but her love for the sport brought her back to teaching. Malia has experience with both proficient swimmers needing stroke technique and also younger swimmers just beginning. She has a natural ability to relate to all ages and is passionate about getting to know each child individually.

“I love to assess a child and help him or her progress in a way that’s uniquely suitable for the child, building on strengths!”