Swim School Philosophy


Always fence the pool and shut the gate. No child is drown proof. Even though children are capable of being independently mobile in the water from a very young age, they must never be left unsupervised. Everyone should always swim with a partner.





Our commitment is to teach swimmers of all ages how to be comfortable, confident, and successful in any water environment. We believe that children as young as 8 weeks should be introduced to the water to learn balance, buoyancy, and comfort. Swimmers will master skills such as floating, submersion, breath control, and propulsion.





Learning to swim should be an exciting and fun adventure. We exemplify patience, kindness, and understanding throughout each lesson. We incorporate songs, games, and drills to create a fun learning environment.




Once students have learned the basics for swimming, including the fours strokes, it is important to master good technique. Good technique is essential for beginner swimmers, pleasure swimmers, fitness swimmers, USA swimming or YMCA swimmers, or triathletes; anyone who wants to improve swimming skills. Hall Swim Academy implements the principles and skills taught by Gary Hall, Sr. at The Race Club in Islamorada, Florida and Coronado, California.





To become a faster swimmer, athletes must focus on five important training disciplines: swimming, strength training, mental training, nutrition, and recovery. Hall Swim Academy offers expert advice and training in all five areas.